The International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines- US chapter (ICHRP-US) condemns the recent doxxing and terror tagging of the National Executive Committee (NEC) members of BAYAN-USA and GABRIELA-USA through photos released and circulated on Facebook shared by Lorraine Badoy, (Undersecretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office) and FaceBook pages “For the Global Public” and “Enlightened Youth.” 

This is yet another attempt by Duterte and his online “troll army” to intimidate and threaten those who criticize the countless crimes his administration perpetrates against the Filipino people. We extend our solidarity with those who continue to speak out and amplify the cries of the Filipino people.

These attacks aren’t new. 

For the past four years, journalists, politicians, community leaders, and activists in the Philippines and overseas who criticize the Duterte administration have been met with relentless attacks, whether they’re online posts, images, and text messages. But unfortunately, armed forces and paramilitary groups have acted on these threats, arresting, murdering, and disappearing countless individuals. The recent killings of Randy Echanis and Zara Alverez are a reminder that threats can have deadly consequences under this government. With the Anti-Terror Law now firmly in place, Duterte’s eyes are now descending on the growing international movement to hold his administration accountable for their human rights abuses. 

We will not be deterred and will continue to speak out, alongside BAYAN-USA and GABRIELA-USA, against these attempts to silence the democratic voice of the people.

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