Justice for Alex! Stop Attacks on Workers!

ICHRP-US is outraged and heartbroken to learn of the brutal murder of Alex Dolorosa. Alex was found dead with multiple stab wounds yesterday after he had been missing for three days. He was last seen on the night of April 23, 2023 and local reports confirmed he was killed in Barangay Alijis, Bacolod City. He was a dedicated paralegal officer with the BPO Industry Employees’ Network, or BIEN, an independent network of, by, and for the employees of business process outsourcing in the Philippines, aiming to promote their rights and welfare. 

State-sponsored attacks against workers and labor leaders in the Philippines have become a common occurrence, as the Philippine government is under scrutiny by international bodies for its grave human rights record. Not only are workers facing a worsening economic crisis, but they are facing attacks on their right to unionize. The worst forms of these attacks include terror tagging, illegal arrest, detention and torture, enforced disappearances and rampant killings of labor leaders and organizers.

The ruthless attacks on union organizers and other human rights activists in the Philippines is facilitated by US support of the Marcos regime. As ICHRP-US, we demand an end to US military aid to the Philippines, and the immediate passage of the Philippine Human Rights Act. We will carry on Alex’s legacy and fight for the rights and freedom of exploited and oppressed peoples! Justice for Alex Dolorosa! End US support of the Marcos regime!”